Advanced robotics motor control

If your research or robotics project needs fine-grained control of electrical motors, RoboMC offers specialized servo drives. In robotics applications there is often not enough room for large connectors.

Low level control loops cannot always run on regular microcontrollers due to performance and timing limitations. Some applications use advanced actuators where a single optical encoder is not enough.

Motors with very low inductance often used in robotics need to be driven in different ways than regular motors.

RoboMC offers a servo drive optimized for these conditions.

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Proper function of motor control in unconventional usage scenarios, thanks to control loop rates of over 50KHz, along with very low jitter thanks to the FPGA.


Delegate semi low-level tasks to the drive itself, by flashing your custom code to the drive itself to run on the 32-bit Cortex-M4.

Supports not only rotary actuators, but advanced actuators like series elastic actuators, thanks to the three encoder channels that are available

Works with very low resistance/inductance motors due to hardware design optimized to support these usage scenarios.


Off-the -shelf motor sucks? High power density/ torque density/ efficiency? Contact us for custom- made motors!

Servo Drives

High power/current, ultra small servo drive with many sensor/ communication interfaces?


PCB based encoders, which are ready to be integrated to your robots? Small, light, robust?


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